Thursday, 28 February 2008


My very favourite Kokedama, Asparagus.

I love its silent presence. Its leaves have a very gentle and subtle atmosphere swaying in the wind. When I see that, a refreshing cool breeze blows in my mind. The gentle breeze blows off the stress from my everyday life and I find peaceful tranquillity within me.

This Asparagus is "Asparagus Plumosus," also commonly called "Asparagus Fern" and "Lace Fern," although it is not fern. It is Liliaceae and related to Asparagus that we eat. The young stems look like a skinny version of the vegetable asparagus. I have bitten the stem and it tasted like a plant with a hint of asparagus. (Eating lots of them may be harmful, so BE CAREFUL.)

Asparagus Plumosus is evergreen and a hardy perennial plant, so it is very suitable for Kokedama Bonsai. Also it will be your eye entertainer throughout a year.

*The leaves that I called leaves actually are not leaves. They are Phyllode, winged leafstalks which function as leaves (by Oxford Dictionary). How interesting and wonderful the world of plants is! Learning about plants never bores me:)


Ebay member Magicktrees said...

Gorgeous! I've never heard of these before but they look fascinating. I followed a link from Ebay and will definitely be bidding :-)

Doriko said...

Thank you very much for leaving your comment, you're so kind! I was so pleased when I found your comment on my blog, you made my day! I will post another article soon and hope you will enjoy Kokedama more:) Thank you!

Peter said...

It is a fantastic plant! So peacefull. I have jsut purchased one from you off ebay. I can't wait to take care of it. Thanks.

Doriko said...

Thank you very much for your purchase of my Kokedama and leaving such a nice comment! (I am sorry that my reply is delayed.) I am so glad to know there is somebody who is willingly to share the interest with me and likes my work. Thank you!

dell said...

This is beautiful... How does the soil and moss stay in a ball?