Saturday, 16 February 2008

Kokedama-Devil's Ivy & Spider Plant

Devil’s Ivy & Spider Plant -------What a wicked combination!

Part of the appeal of working with plants is learning their names, isn't it?

When I learned it is called Devil’s Ivy in English, I was a bit shocked because it’s “Devil!” Yes, it is a tough plant and tenaciously survives, but “Devil” sounds too much, I think. Well, it’s only because I like that plant very much, probably.

“Spider Plant.” Joking! Mmm…I must consider that there are a lot of people who find spiders beautiful, but spiders are basically scary, aren’t they? (and bite.)

“Spider Plant” is called “Orizuru-ran” in Japanese. “Orizuru” is a crane folded with paper and “ran” is orchid. The person who named the plant must have seen its offspring as a crane. “Origami Crane Plant,” fancy isn’t it? “Spider Plant” describes the plant with greater accuracy, though. (* Spider Plant is not a plant of orchid family. It is Liliaceae).

“Devil’s Ivy” is commonly called “Potosu” in Japanese, by the way, borrowing English pronunciation “Pothos”.

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