Friday, 8 February 2008


Checkerberry, or "Himekoji" in Japanese.

"Hime" is "a princess" in Japanese and it is sometimes added to a name of something small. (eg. Himeringo = Malus ×. cerasifera "ringo" = "an apple") "Koji" is "citrus" in Japanese. It is named so because its leaves are similar to citrus leaves.

This lovely plant is a winter entertainer. Checkerberry bears fruits until spring. I do like looking at plants with something red on, especially in winter and, especially in British winter!

I always fancy eating Checkerberry's berries, by the way. They look like cherries. They do look edible. But better not, it contains methylsalicylic acid and you can smell it (it smells similar to a product here in Britain called Deep Heat). Hmmm...well, I've realized I can bite, though, can't I? I'll bite one now, a good chance for me.

Aha! It tastes like an apple with a hint of medicine! Not too bad!

(I have just checked, they are edible. )


Anonymous said...

Stumbled accross Kokedama whilst checking out Bonsai on Ebay. Your Kokedama are beautiful - think I will find out more about it and attempt one myself.


Doriko said...

Hi Jenn! Thank you very much for coming and leaving the comment. I think Kokedama world is very fascinating. I know how to make Kokedama but every time I make one I find something to learn, never bores me. It would be nice if we can exchange information about Kokedama one day:) Thank you!

Doriko said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Doriko

I collected some moss from the wood today, plenty of soil in the garden (or should I use garden centre compost?) and I have a flat dish - just got to decide which plant to try first.

I was going to bid on your e-bay plant - but then thought I should try it myself. Sorry! haha

I will let you know how I get on. Hope I have more luck than I did with Bonsai!