Monday, 3 March 2008

Kokedama-Wild Onion or Field Garlic, I think

I am not sure if this is Wild Onion or Field Garlic yet, but its bulbs have a strong onion-like odour, probably Wild Onion? I think I can tell when it flowers. Anyway, it is from the wild (my flat's communal garden).

One of the real pleasures of making Kokedama is to spot a good-looking wild plant when walking in nature, take it home, create and breathe a new life into it with your own creativity, sense of art.

This plant grows everywhere doesn't it? So can be so boring or even can be a bit annoying in the field or park. But Look. It is given a new life in an art form now. I recognize its beauty again and go silent to be impressed with the wonderfulness of nature.

*I am not encouraging you to take wild plants home frequently. If it grows in abundance in the wild, taking one should do no harm and the occasional one may be ok. Just make sure you never ever take rare plants, never ever take from nature reserves. Just use your common sense.

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