Friday, 7 March 2008

Kokedama-Houseleek & Odd Container

This funny face is Houseleek. I think this is Aeonium, but I am not sure. It is difficult for me to distinguish one from another in this kind of Houseleek. If somebody knows precisely what it is, please let me know. I will be so grateful to you.

One of real advantages of Kokedama I think is that you can change containers easily. Much easier than with potted tree bonsai, you can combine a container with your Kokedama; whenever you like and whatever container you like with. Just change it, how easy! No mess and no fuss about it like tree bonsai.

Well, here is a unique example of a container; it used to be a part of my cooking bowl. I dropped the bowl by accident when I was cooking and it got broken. That moment I shouted. The moment was when I confirmed the thing I had & have kept confirming since I was born; I am too clumsy. But I happened to notice that it would be nice as Kokedama container. Oh, now I remember why I thought so, because there was a shortage of container, so I just put one of my Kokedama on the broken bowl to save a space, hahaha! Anyway, it is now ranked high among my Kokedama containers.

By the way, what does it look like? This Kokedama looks like the 4 flowerets are dancing in one oversized dress! Is is just me?

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Marce said...

Hi Doriko, How are you??
My name is marcela I'm from argentina.
I love kokedamas from the first timei saw them and now i'm trying to create my own, i did a few of them but have no idea if i'm doing it in the correct way.
I would like to know your experience.
I give you my email