Thursday, 13 March 2008


Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

I started selling my Kokedama on ebay the other day. I thank those who bought my Kokedama, and those of you taking time to come here to find out more about Kokedama through my ebay listing.

Today I received a question about containers for Kokedama through ebay. I will take this as a chance to write about containers for Kokedama.

I think choosing a container is one of the enjoyments about Kokedama. Every time you change containers, Kokedama will show you its new look. I think the enjoyment is similar to that of a dress-up doll's. Also how quick, just swap one to another! No fuss no mess.

I enjoy using anything in my house for Kokedama. Saucers of teacups, cake plates, trinket plates, soap dishes...just anything flat or shallow curved. Things like a chipped plate actually makes a lovely container and it will make Kokedama more "My Kokedama". It actually rescues a lot of things that were once destined to go to the bin. I hardly buy containers to display at home, but when I fancy buying one, I buy it at a charity shop. Charity shops are very good places to find Kokedama containers. Buying from charity shops also help reduce the amount of the rubbish in the local area.

By the way, the reason why I recommend flat containers as the moss can develop fungus in a deep one (reduces air circulation and traps water) especially when you keep Kokedama inside, and it may turn into Mold Ball Bonsai, not Moss Ball Bonsai any more. I know that because I did it. (Deep containers can be used for short-time display of course, though.)

Lastly I put some examples of my odd containers. They are my most favourite containers. Some completely ignores colour & material coordination, what an avant-garde display! Or my eyes need fixing, hahaha! (Please you come baaaack!)

Pot lid

Candle holder



Used to be a part of my cooking bowl

Not a single clue but it's there

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