Sunday, 13 April 2008

How To Keep Kokedama 1

To keep Kokedama well, watering is the key. It usually depends on a season, the size of Kokedama and what plants are used. There are several different good ways to water, but what I do basically is spray the moss lightly every day and soak the moss ball in a bowl of water for a while (20-60 minutes) when I feel Kokedama "light" (once every 7-20 days). If a plant like Houseleek is used, watering is needed even less frequently. Be careful not to water too often because the soil will be spoilt and the roots will go rotten. Pampering is not good for Kokedama, even though you need a certain level of care. Mmm...that sounds like a talk about children or pets, my ears have just started hurting, why?

By the way, when you get used to keeping your Kokedama, I think you can find your own way to water it that is more suitable for your life style. Your Kokedama will adapt itself to it. (I always get impressed when I see that.) Also, if you forget to water or spray sometimes, Kokedama will not dry out so quickly like a small tree bonsai, so please don't worry:)

This is a picture of me soaking Kokedama. Before soaking, it is best to leave the water at least overnight if you use tap water. When you soak it, bubbles will be coming out from the moss and soil as you can see in the picture. Soak at least until the bubbles stop, but most of the time it is better to leave it in the water longer. When you finish soaking and lift Kokedama, it should feel "heavy", and that is good. Then drain well before put it back on the container. Make sure there is no water left in the container especially if you keep it indoor, because water may get off then it can kill the moss. Moss likes cleanliness and freshness despite appearance.

Lastly, about plant feeding, Kokedama does not need feeding basically. Moss dislikes it. Also, Kokedama does not need to grow large.

I hope this article will be a help. Thank you for reading:) If you have a question or a different opinion...just anything and send it to me, I would be very grateful to you:)

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