Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Kokedama-Cyclamen 3

Cyclamen is very attractive. Their unique petals are adorable and silver-edged leaves are impressive. I love Cyclamen.

Cyclamen is very common, so it may not be an eye-catching plant for some people, but in Kokedama I think it maximizes its ornamental value taking advantage of green moss.

Moss is great. As soon as moss is laid at the foot of a Bonsai tree, it brings new life to the tree, making you imagine the tree breathing in the mother earth. I think Kokedama is similar to that. Different from potted plants, Kokedama (moss ball) makes me picture their lives in nature.

By the way, I think there is a certain pleasure in Kokedama. That is the container. Choosing a container for Kokedama is like choosing a skirt for the tops. I feel so and enjoy that way maybe because I seldom wear skirt in my every day life, though.

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