Sunday, 19 October 2008

Kokedama - False Aralia / Dizygotheca Elegantissima

False Aralia / Dizygotheca Elegantissima

Mmm...this picture is dark isn't it? Never mind! (The screen is disturbing, too. Never mind!)

I was not very keen on this plant, False Aralia, when it sat in an ordinary plant pot; however, I have been very impressed with it creating a weeping atmosphere in Kokedama (a moss ball). As a Japanese, who finds beauty in sorrow, my wabi-sabi mind is tickled by this Kokedama, personally! What do you think?

*What is "wabi-sabi"?

Hard to explain precisely what it is even in my native language Japanese! But do I feel wabi-sabi? Yes!

Wabi-sabi is said to be a unique aesthetic sense that Japanese naturally have. I have found one good English description for it on the Internet. It says that wabi-sabi is "Austere Refinement and Quiet Simplicity." What a graceful way to say.

Hang on a minute. Does "Austere Refinement and Quiet Simplicity" have anything to do with my "tickled wabi-sabi mind"? Mmm...I feel I might have misunderstood the word wabi-sabi in my entire life... Never mind!

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