Sunday, 28 September 2008

Went to the Malvern Autumn Show 1

On 27th & 28th September the Malvern Autumn Show was at the Three Counties Showground.

Malvern is a beautiful town with a lot of character in Worcestershire. The town is located at the foot of the Malvern Hills. Walking the Malvern Hills is full of wonderful discovery and the view from the top of is breathtaking.

My husband and I went to the show, me looking forward to flower arrangement and Bonsai exhibitions, my husband looking forward to nothing. (This is our typical style of outing.)

I would like to show some photos of flower arrangement and Bonsai here.

This is the 3rd prized. I liked this arrangement the best of all there. The balance between green and brown, liveliness and rustiness are so well executed, and the white owls are placed very effectively, I think. (I don't know anything about flower arrangement, though. Sorry!) I also like the idea of using Polypore. This arrangement makes me imagine myself taking a deep breath in a forest.

This is the 2nd prized one. Look! Kokedama!!

And this arrangement is awarded the first prize. I felt from this display a feast of autumn, feast in autumn haze.

Exhibitors' imagination, creativity, efforts, patience, amazing. I utterly marvelled at every arrangement there. I wished I could have slept with the exhibitions!

Next is Bonsai. I managed to take only one photo.

Japanese Black Pine

No need for words. Simply so impressive, isn't it? The expression of nature's beauty beyond the perfection that Mother Nature provides, Bonsai. (Somebody said so!)

The world of Bonsai is really fascinating but I have been too terrified to get into it. My grand father and father loved Bonsai, especially Satsuki Azaleas. They used to buy not only Bonsai Satsuki Azaleas but also a number of large hemispherically-shaped Satsuki for garden shrubs. They were kind of collectors and they spent a fortune to buy them. Oh, they were just happy to have them, very happy. They appreciated them, took care of them and killed them, WHY?? Their buying-killing method left me in trauma for having Bonsai.

So, I have been enjoying only looking at (tree) Bonsai or having Bonsai of herbaceous plants including Kokedama, but recently I have got a bit interested in cultivating (tree) Bonsai, oh, dear. I hope the gene from my grand father and father will be shut down.

Anyway, so good to see the Malvern Autumn Show. The weather was gorgeous as well. I hope to put the next article "Went to the Malvern Autumn Show 2" soon.

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