Friday, 19 September 2008

Local Horticulture Show 2

Last weekend another local Horticulture Show was held. The show was set up in the grounds of the Ramada Hotel and the size of the show was a lot larger than the one last time.
These photos are of our Kokedama table, look! Nice and cluttered? I agree with you!

Can you see something like a wooden spoon in the photo? Actually it is a wooden spoon. It is by the stone deer. That spoon was all hand-carved by my husband! Not hand-finished! Look at his talent! And that was the first spoon he carved. I think it is amazing. Now he's learning to carve with a machine, this is 21st century after all.

That log the Kokedama sit on, it is my husband's work. He cut a piece of wood, carved it and made that nice Kokedama container. It is not shown well in the photo, but it is really nice. More people were interested in the log container, actually! I think Kokedama and the log container harmonize so well that maximize the beauty of nature. Thoughtful choice of a container will make a difference. I learned it again on that day.

Exhibiting in the Horticulture Show was a wonderful pleasure and truly a good experience. We are likely to do it again next year and hope we will have a better display then. My husband will be doing more wood work next year, so he can make some nice display shelves for Kokedama, hehehe.

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