Saturday, 30 August 2008

Local Horticulture Show

I have not written for a long time! I have been very unwell until recently. If there are people who were looking forward to visiting my blog for a new post, I am very sorry.

By the way, a local Horticulture Society held a show last weekend. The photo above is a part of their exhibition, Dahlia. absolute favorite flowers, why are they so perfect? Each petal is perfecly arranged to open up as an intact sphere. Breathtaking.

Look at this photo. My Kokedama section!

This was my first time to show my Kokedama in public. I was not well at all, so I was not sure if I could make enough quantity to exhibit, but finally I managed to display without a huge gap:)

As soon as I placed Kokedama on the table, quite a few people from the society came and asked me and my husband about Kokedama. After the show opened, Kokedama caught many people's attention. We were very busy with answering their questions. I nearly bit my tongue sometimes.





They are the coments from visiters which I got most often. I thought it was interesting. I think a lot of Japanese find peacefulness or coolness or tranquillity...something like those in Kokedama. I presume the moss makes us Japanese feel so. Maybe it has something to do with the Zen mind which is deeply rooted in Japanese people whether or not we practice it daily.

Anyway, that was a very nice and different weekend for me and my husband. Very nice and productive weekend:)

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