Sunday, 25 May 2008

Kokedama-Strawberry "Elan"

Strawberry is one of my favourite motif. This one is called "Elan," very popular for a hanging basket.

Strawberry Kokedama looks sweet and tastes sweet, doesn't it:P I love looking at it when it is trailing down bearing a pretty small red berry on the edge. I used a dish for this Kokedama but I think it will be very lovely on a candlestick especially when it bears fruits.


Martin said...

Very nice blog, congratulations on your Kokedamas. I had never seen Kokedama before. Do you know if you can make your own with "Sphagnum moss"? Thanks.

Ian said...
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doriko said...

Hi! Thank you very much for your comment:D Sorry, I delayed answering you.

Yes, you can use Sphagnum moss to make your own. (The moss I usually use is Hypnum plumaeforme. It is tough and stays green when it is dry, which is very suitable for kokedama.)

There are several different reliable methods to make kokedama, however, just pull out a plant with the soil from the pot and make the root ball and cover it with the moss. Use a cotton thread to tie and secure the moss ball. With this most simple way your Kokedama can survive for long time.

I am looking forward to seeing your Kokedama:) I will sometimes have to check your blog:) If you would like to know more detail about how to make Kokedama, please ask any time:) Thankyou!

Unknown said...

hello im luciano and im very interested to learn how to make kokedama. im based in london and wanted to know if you teach or know somebody who can teach me. thanks
Luciano (